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Our artist in residence :

Lise Mérineau

                  Discover her artwork...
Regards complices  30'' x 32''.jpg
Available artwork 

La promeneuse

20 in x 14 in


Au-delà des mots, ton regard parle

24 in x 18 in

$625.00    Sold


Tête en Fleurs 

20 in x 14 in

$850.00 réserved


32 in x 28 in


Lise Mérineau, or "Shameless automatism"


In the wake of the automatism, Lise Mérineau explores the confines of surrealism, intuition, and freedom.

She expresses this freedom of movement with primitive blotches on the canvas that expand into multiple colorful forms.

She starts by literally throwing paint on the canvas. She repeats the gesture until the canvas is completely covered then folds and unfolds it which produces a generous mix of colors.

Herman Rorschach would be proud!

Spontaneous thought follows the physical gestures. Lise Mérineau scrutinizes this abstract universe that reveals life behind the blotches. She then plays with them to express her wild vision. Faces with hair blowing in the wind, birds hiding in mountain peaks, flowers blooming under the gaze of an owl. Life has sprung from an apparently abstract blotch.

The incessant quest continues, the images appear until the artist is satiated, at peace and the work is complete. Then silence…until the artist returns.

Since 2003 Lise Mérineau has been perfecting her technique but primarily figuring out ways to unlock her intuition through various ateliers.

As she likes to say: “Color makes me vibrate, texture inspires me, creation is the expression of my sensibilities”.

Danielle Beaulieu

For Beaux-Lauriers

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