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What is behind the name Aux  Beaux-Lauriers?

Simply a couple: Danielle BEAUlieu and François DesLAURIERS


Why Saint-Sauveur since it all started in Saint-Lambert?

Because of the famous ice storm of 1998! We had to stay away from the South-Shore for a while and while strolling along in beautiful Saint-Sauveur, we saw a nice commercial space for rent and here we came! Two months later, on Women’s day, it was done. Aux Beaux-Lauriers switched from the South-Shore to the Laurentians.  


What is distinctive about Aux Beaux-Lauriers?

Everything and nothing, to know when to grab an opportunity or to create one

The easiness of happiness, the feel of the present moment

That is why the boutique changes, transforms itself, goes with the flow of interesting things, of trends

The essence of Aux Beaux-Lauriers is the continuation of this adventure, wherever it goes…


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